Bubbles and Fireworks

The most effective sources of early learning are immediate, meaningful, and involve children’s discovery and choice. Bubbles not only involve children in learning, but they are fun, easy to use, and ever-changing.


In addition, many science processes such as, investigation, discovery, experimentation, observation, definition, comparison, and classification can be learned simply by playing with bubbles.


Bubbles help children develop self-concept as they learn about themselves and the world around them, and language development is enhanced when children learn new words to describe bubbles, explain tasks, and label and record bubble experiments.


For this activity, we created New Year’s “fireworks” out of bubbles.

20150105_110037 (1)Everyone enjoyed seeing their bubbles change size, and “explode” from the bowls! By doing so, they explored the concept of density, as they investigated how many bubbles occupied the given space within the bowl. They also engaged is the scientific concept of displacement, as they bubble solution overflowed from the containers. Most importantly, they had fun while doing it!

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