The Pyramid of the Sun

Deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala and extending into the limestone shelf of the Yucatan peninsula lie the mysterious temples and Mayan pyramids.


One of these pyramids is The Pyramid of the Sun. The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest structure in Teotihuacan, and the second largest in Mesoamerica.


It is also the third largest pyramid in the world. The original purpose of the Pyramid of the Sun is unknown, though archaeologists believe it originally had an altar on top of the Pyramid. Therefore, it most likely was built to honor a deity. For this activity, we constructed our very own pyramids out of painted Styrofoam cups.


By giving your little one the opportunity to construct their own buildings, they are encouraged to practice their problem solving skills. Building activities also help your child to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, a capacity for creative, divergent thinking, and increased language.


Moreover, children can integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. There is also evidence that complex construction play is linked with advanced math skills in later life.


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