Mexican Hat Dance

Young children seem drawn to music, and from an early age, they will begin dancing when they hear it. While the physical benefits of dance are well-known, dance also brings social and emotional benefits, according to the National Dance Education Organization.


Preschool children will learn social skills such as cooperation and peer interaction as well as building self-esteem when they are involved in dance experiences.


According to the National Dance Education Organization’s website, children learn movement patterns just easily as they learn language.


Often children dance before they are able to talk. Dance can become a way for young children to express their emotions in a way they might not be able to verbally.


When children are involved in learning dances, they are learning that their movements can tell a story and communicate ideas.


As the NDEO states, “To the young child, verbal language and movement are entwined.” For this activity, we talked and danced the Mexican Hat Dance. We first listened to the song, and used shakers to play the accompaniment, and then we learned the actual steps to the dance!

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