Two Cup Maracas

Maracas, also known as rhumba shakers, are a type of handheld instrument that are usually found in pairs.


In shape they resemble a pair of rattles, with an oval-shaped head and a slender handle. They belong to the percussion family, a category of instruments that means “the hitting of one body against another.”

IMG_1342 (1)

Similar instruments found in this family include the conga, bongo, and timbale. Because maracas are musical instruments that are sealed and create a full, distinctive tone, they are also classified as idiophones.

IMG_1343 (1)

For this art activity, we created our own version of the maraca using two cups taped (and glued) together, glitter, feathers, paint, and paint brushes. Students first painted their cups. They added glitter, glue, and feathers.

IMG_1346 (1)

Following that, we put Mod Podge glue to act as an adhesive so that the glitter would stay on. Lastly, we played a song with our maracas called Cinco De Mayo, with a CD accompaniment.


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