Sea Creature Garland

Using yarn and clothespins (with pictures of sea creatures on them), we created our very own ocean garland!

IMG_2227This was a collaborative group project, and your little one enjoyed making our front yard a little more festive by attaching clothespins onto blue yarn that represented the ocean!

IMG_2232This activity incorporated several developmental domains.

IMG_2233When attaching the clothespins to the yarn, your little one was practicing fine motor control and hand eye coordination.

IMG_2235The importance of hand eye coordination lies in your child’s ability to manipulate their environment.

IMG_2238Simple hand-eye coordination techniques, such as weaving, beading, and manipulating small objects, are a great way to help your little one learn how to control their mind and their hands.


These skills are transferable to literacy, and when your little student is then exposed to holding a pencil, crayon or pair of scissors, the coordination will be in place.

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