Sea Creature Hopscotch

Gross motor control refers to the large muscles of the body. The development of these skills are important for school readiness.


Children acquire gross motor skills by practicing a new movement until they have it mastered, and then moving on to a new one.


For this activity, we practiced the gross motor skill of throwing and spatial orientation.


Using colored beanbags with pictures of sea creatures on them, we tossed them onto a hopscotch grid, and then hopped to the number it landed on.


Because we are always integrating our domains into one another, we also included a math component to this activity.


Your little ones were learning about numbers 10-16 throughout the month of our Under the Sea theme, so we used some of those numbers on our grid!


As their beanbag landed on the correct number, students were encouraged to shout out the number before they hopped to it.


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