Ant Number Sorting

Many preschoolers are able to use numbers arbitrarily; pretending to count, or mixing up numbers and letters.


From about the age of four, preschoolers will begin to show one to one correspondence, or the ability to count objects correctly, as well as recognize most numbers 0-9 and sometimes recreate numerals when given an example.

As with many preschool skills, it is important for young students to be given many different opportunities for to see, touch and use numbers throughout the day.

Including numbers in thematic play is one way that they can begin to recognize numbers.

For this activity, your little one participated in a sorting/numeral recognition activity that tied in with our ant theme.

Using manipulatives and pictures of grass (with numbers printed on them), your little one practiced sorting and matching groups of ants with their corresponding numeral.

Since we were working on numbers 10-20 this week, we used these numbers in this activity.

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