Name Books

This week, we focused on the many ways we write our name! Using paint brushes, markers, and other writing implements, your little ones identified the correct way to spell their name! All of their work was compiled into name books.


In our classroom, we are constantly documenting things: what we do, how we learn, and the processes that define our week. Documentation does just that, and is important for several reasons. For one, an effective piece of documentation tells the story and the purpose of an event, experience or development.


It is a product that draws others into the experience – evidence or artifacts that describe a situation, tell a story, and help the viewer to understand the purpose of the action. Secondly, documentation displays a child’s progress throughout the course of their academic careers. Lastly, documentation extends the learning process beyond the classroom to the home.


When a child brings their work home, they are able to discuss it with parents and siblings. When two or more people discuss an event, each brings a new perspective and level of depth. This is so important for the preschool experience!


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