The Great Celery Experiment

Young children are naturally curious and passionate about learning. In their pursuit of knowledge, they’re prone to poking, pulling, tasting, pounding, shaking, and experimenting.  From birth, children want to learn and they naturally seek out problems to solvecelery1

Young children should learn science (and all other areas of study) through active involvement – that is, through first-hand, investigative experiences.


For this activity, we learned about the how plants absorb water out of the ground.


Through our Great Celery experiment, your little ones observed, predicted, and explored the physical properties of these fascinating plants.


We began by pouring water into an empty cup. Next, we added food coloring.


Then we placed the celery stalks inside the cups. In addition to this, we drew pictures of what we thought would happen to the celery. Following this, we checked on them the next day.


Not much happened, so we check on them again 48 hours later. We saw that the color had been sucked up and distributed among the leaves.


It was so much fun that we decided to draw again what we saw.


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