Egg Matching!

Patterns present themselves to us in several ways; through the repeated images on wallpaper to the lyrics of our favorite songs. Understanding these patterns will influence your little ones’ future mathematical endeavors, because understanding numbers requires an understanding of how things work together. Using plastic eggs and colorful pictures, we practiced our own color and pattern recognition skills!



Making Our Own Butter!

Everyone can appreciate a little butter on their toast in the morning, but did you know that it is thought that the Arabs discovered butter? According to legend, (a long time ago) traders were traveling through the desert on camels. In small leather sacks, they carried milk. The constant rocking motion of the camels churned their milk into butter! To foster your little ones’ natural curiosity, we made our very own butter! Using glass jars, cream, and our strong hands, we enjoyed creating this delicious snack. This activity not only introduced the process of how butter is created, but what it is made of, and the work required to put it on our tables!