Making Our Own Butter!

Everyone can appreciate a little butter on their toast in the morning, but did you know that it is thought that the Arabs discovered butter? According to legend, (a long time ago) traders were traveling through the desert on camels. In small leather sacks, they carried milk. The constant rocking motion of the camels churned their milk into butter! To foster your little ones’ natural curiosity, we made our very own butter! Using glass jars, cream, and our strong hands, we enjoyed creating this delicious snack. This activity not only introduced the process of how butter is created, but what it is made of, and the work required to put it on our tables!


Bread and Grains Observation

The breads and grains food group is diverse, and includes a bountiful selection of breads, pastas, cereal, and rice! This group is even further delineated into groups of whole grains and refined grains. Introducing the diversity of this exciting food group and comparing various items helps your budding foodie to make healthy choices. Through observation and documentation (recording what they see), your child is learning to make associations and differentiate between how things look and taste. Using magnifying glasses, we initially compared six different grain items (oats, rice, bow tie pasta, spiral pasta, bread, and a cracker), discussed how they compared and contrasted (These are smooth. These are soft. These are curly.), and then recorded what we saw!


Wheat Farming!

Wheat grows globally in bountiful supply. Because it can be harvested in winter and spring, it is utilized abundantly.


Using tractors, baby wheat plants, and shovels, your little farmer harvested their own wheat! They learned that these crops require constant care and upkeep.


Producing wheat is an intensive process, and your little one learned about the many technological advances that allow all of us to enjoy our bread, cereal, and pasta!


They were introduced to the words “swather” (to cut and bind wheat) and “combine” (a process in which trucks cut and loosen wheat from its stem). By harvesting their own crops, your little one was able to apply their understanding of new vocabulary and complicated concepts.