Hurricanes, Rice, and Writing

The preschool years play a key role in the development of literacy. At this age, your budding writers are engaging in the important work of preparing to read and write. Before the formal study of literacy can be acquired, pre-writing and pre-reading skills need to be mastered. One of these skills consists of phonological awareness. Phonological awareness refers to letters representing sounds, that, when strung together, make words that create meaning. There are several ways to encourage phonological awareness. One thing we do daily is a show and tell of different items that begin with the letter of the week. For this particular week, we are learning about the letter H, so each child selected a particular item begininng with the letter H out of a hat. We then discuss the “H” sound that we hear in the word. We also sing silly songs that reinforce our understanding of this letter. For this particular activity, we used unsharpened pencils to rice to create our very own H’s.




Valentine Heart Sequencing

Using candy hearts, colored sequencing worksheets, and our minds, we learned about what a sequence is! We used colored hearts to demonstrate this. Your little one would name the order of colors, and then complete the sequence on their own!


Young children can learn about sequencing by putting familiar events, ideas, and objects into their logical order. Key vocabulary words for sequential order are “first”, “second”, “next”, “then”, and “finally”.


Ordinal numbers are also important vocabulary words for sequential order.


Helping children understand the concept of sequence develops math skills, literacy, and scientific inquiry skills.