Peanut Farming

The United States is one of the world’s most prominent suppliers of peanuts! These tasty legumes grow best in loose soil, and adapt readily to a variety of different climates. With shovels, flowers, peanuts, tractors, and farmers, we created our own peanut farms! Your little one learned that peanut plants form flowers, and that they are harvested in stages. We practiced loosening our soil and burying our peanuts beneath our flowers. The second stage of harvesting required separating our peanuts from the flowers, so we did that as well!

Legume Sorting

Young children experience a great sense of accomplishment when they learn how to distinguish between different items. By noting their similarities and differences, they are building a foundation for more complex mathematical thinking. Using picture diagrams, we practiced sorting and counting some of our favorite legumes!


Making Sandwiches at the Delicatessen!

When children participate in the kitchen, they are learning important life skills. With specific direction, they can create several tasty dishes, and enjoy the sense of autonomy that is fostered as a result. These kinds of activities provide endless opportunities for building self-esteem and increasing vocabulary! For this particular activity, we made sandwiches with the assistance of a picture diagram as we learned about the word delicatessen.