H(ikers) in the Grass

To start our hiking week off with some fun, we integrated this exciting fine motor language activity. At our preschool, we understand that children process information using more senses than just their sight and sound. It is for this reason that we post many sensory activities that focus on the three year olds’ favorite sense: touch! Instead of using a pencil and becoming frustrated, many of our twos and threes use a combination of different fingers to create symbols, such as letters and numbers. What more fun than to accomplish this by tracing the letter H into “grass” aka rice.

Pond Habitat and Sensory Play

Using paper lily pads, leaves, water, plastic frogs, and “frog eggs”, we created a pond habitat for some of our favorite amphibians! We discussed the life cycle of the frog, where different frogs live, what they eat, and how they survive within their slippery environments! Sensory play allows children to form mental images about what they are seeing. Adults already do this naturally, but in young children, it is still developing. Combining water, “frog eggs”, and the lily pads also provides a forum for the scientific exploration of cause and effect. Your little ones discovered that the vulnerable frog eggs can be hidden by creating nests from foliage as they enjoyed manipulating and creating little “houses” for their favorite tadpoles and frogs. Lastly, prosocial interactions are fostered as children discuss and share their experiences with one another.




Peanut Farming

The United States is one of the world’s most prominent suppliers of peanuts! These tasty legumes grow best in loose soil, and adapt readily to a variety of different climates. With shovels, flowers, peanuts, tractors, and farmers, we created our own peanut farms! Your little one learned that peanut plants form flowers, and that they are harvested in stages. We practiced loosening our soil and burying our peanuts beneath our flowers. The second stage of harvesting required separating our peanuts from the flowers, so we did that as well!