H(ikers) in the Grass

To start our hiking week off with some fun, we integrated this exciting fine motor language activity. At our preschool, we understand that children process information using more senses than just their sight and sound. It is for this reason that we post many sensory activities that focus on the three year olds’ favorite sense: touch! Instead of using a pencil and becoming frustrated, many of our twos and threes use a combination of different fingers to create symbols, such as letters and numbers. What more fun than to accomplish this by tracing the letter H into “grass” aka rice.


H is for Heart

We have been doing a lot of talking about the letter H! We have also been discussing the many words that start with the letter H, such as Heart, Henry, Hand, Hello, and many more! We have not only been doing a lot of writing, but have engaged in a variety of creative writing exercises. Using heart shaped beads and the letter H, we strung our beads along this most exciting letter! Young children progress through a series of developmental phases while learning to write. Initial attempts include scribbling and drawing as a means to communicate. Providing a wide variety of tools and creative activities helps diminish frustration, and promote enthusiasm during this vital stage.ImageImageImageImage