Poker Chips and Patterns

We have been talking about the letter I this week! Using silly songs, props, and a variety of learning activities, we have integrated this letter into our week of the Ichthyosaurus! Using poker chips and the letter I, we combined math and literacy to supplement our awareness of this fascinating vowel. To start, your child was given a color pattern that they were directed to replicate on their letter. They were then instructed to verbally count their items. Teaching patterns and sequencing to young children is an integral component to the concept of emerging mathematics. They facilitate an understanding of one to one correspondence (i.e. matching sets, recognizing groups) and foster one’s ability to count verbally.



Painting with Fishing Poles

The sculpin is a fish that dwells in the tide pools. To initiate this activity, we created our own versions of a sculpin with styrofoam and papier-mâché. We then used fishing poles, plastic fish as our sculpin, and paint to make a creature! This activity required much concentration as your little one considered weight, aim, and the direction of their fish as a means to create their masterpiece. Though this experience may seem more recreational than educational, activities such as these build hand eye coordination, an integral factor in eye tracking, and eventually, reading.